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'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.' Matthew 25:40

Helping those in need of affordable healthcare in our local community

11th Anniversary Good Samaritan Run/Walk 5k & 10k

Kid Sprint- 8:45 am Saturday April 13,2024

5K Event - 9:15am Saturday April 13, 2024

10K Event - 9am Saturday April 13, 2024

5K & 10K Virtual Option - Begins April 1-30

This year's event will be held at the Dewitt location again for 2024! See the maps of the courses below. We are excited that it was a great change last year and by your feedback we're happy to be there again!

Start/Finish will be out of Excellus annex parking lot at the corner of Agway Rd. and Butternut Dr. in Dewitt. Both courses will head north uphill on Butternut Rd to Kinne Rd and cross the 481 over pass on the designated pedestrian bridge.Then a quick left turn and down the ramp to a right turn into the canal park, where you'll continue for your distance. 5K turnaround is just past Cedar Bay. The 10K continues to on to it's halfway point. Both courses are out and back. All you have to do it SIGN UP and then RUN IT!

Thank you to all those who participated, sponsored, and donated in our 11th Anniversary Run! 

GSR Thank you.jpg

5K & 10K Course Maps

5K Course Map
10K Course Map

"The Good Samaritan Run will focus on helping those in need of affordable healthcare in our local community."

The Good Samaritan Run will focus on helping those in need of affordable healthcare in our local community. Christian Health Service of Syracuse is reaching out to the CNY area in much the same way as the Good Samaritan in the Bible went out of his way to help his hurting neighbor.

Christian Health is determined to bring affordable primary healthcare to the community. The Good Samaritan Run proceeds will ensure that assistance, as well as raise awareness of this wonderful mission to our neighbors.

Faith based and centered on the mission of helping others, the event is sure to inspire those who love to run and want that first 5K/10K spring experience. The event is a great way for churches, local businesses, families, and groups having the desire to help people that are our neighbors, connect and give to a local cause.

Christian Health Service of Syracuse

The Good Samaritan Run, has been the sole fundraiser for Christian Health Service of Syracuse and its mission for the past 10 years.

The race has provided funds for much needed staff, and hundreds of affordable healthcare appointments. This year's goal as always, is to continue to raise support, hire needed staff and provide affordable healthcare for CNY residents.

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